Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ordered Melon's New Carseat!

And it'll be here tomorrow!!!

I am waiting until the end, to buy everything at once ( i have a fear of jinxing otherwise ) but because we live in SUCH a small town, everything has to be bought online. This includes the carseat and is why I got it now.

Carseats are a HUGE deal to me because of Safety.. I am paranoid of car accidents (giving my mother and I were hit by a DUI ON MY WAY TO THE HOSPITAl to HAVE my son!!) so I might be a little overly paranoid as my hubby says, but better safe than sorry!

I want to make sure the carseat fits in the car properly, which I'm sure it will, but i want to make sure the LATCH is easy to use, make sure the carseat can go in and out of the base easy, make sure the straps are nice and easy as well. incase of an emergency, I don't want to have to fiddle around with the carseat or the straps, I want to get my baby OUT as fast as possible if needs be! and since I can not test this out in stores, I have to order it early incase I need to exchange for another.

so I ordered the Safety 1st OnBoard Air35 SE. I'm really stoked about it!! I have seen the convertable one and LOVE it. We will also be getting that one for my son now, as his carseat is QUITE wide and It wont fit as properly on the side, it's in the middle now. plus, i want them to match, DUH!