Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ordered Melon's New Carseat!

And it'll be here tomorrow!!!

I am waiting until the end, to buy everything at once ( i have a fear of jinxing otherwise ) but because we live in SUCH a small town, everything has to be bought online. This includes the carseat and is why I got it now.

Carseats are a HUGE deal to me because of Safety.. I am paranoid of car accidents (giving my mother and I were hit by a DUI ON MY WAY TO THE HOSPITAl to HAVE my son!!) so I might be a little overly paranoid as my hubby says, but better safe than sorry!

I want to make sure the carseat fits in the car properly, which I'm sure it will, but i want to make sure the LATCH is easy to use, make sure the carseat can go in and out of the base easy, make sure the straps are nice and easy as well. incase of an emergency, I don't want to have to fiddle around with the carseat or the straps, I want to get my baby OUT as fast as possible if needs be! and since I can not test this out in stores, I have to order it early incase I need to exchange for another.

so I ordered the Safety 1st OnBoard Air35 SE. I'm really stoked about it!! I have seen the convertable one and LOVE it. We will also be getting that one for my son now, as his carseat is QUITE wide and It wont fit as properly on the side, it's in the middle now. plus, i want them to match, DUH!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby's Coming Home Outfits! and Chosen Names!!

So we have decided on the baby's coming home from the hospital outfits! i got one for a girl and one for a boy since Melon will be a surprise!

we have also chosen our baby's names!!!

for a girl - Harlow
for a boy - Rhiver (after River Phoenix the actor!)

Little Melon is A-Okay!

NO Twins LOL.. one HEALTHY PERFECT little Melon!!!

ugh im so freaking thrilled I can't stop thinking about my Melon!!!!

First off - the growth.. at first the tech wasnt seeing it, then she spotted it above the placenta.. its only about 2cm, so she said nothing to really panic over.. she said it does look like a fibroid.. so we will keep track on it to make sure its not growing out of control.

second - ugh, okay so i HOPED i would get one photo. no, i dont get one photo.. i get flipping EIGHT!, yes 8 photos!!! 4 in 2D and 4 in 3D!! and she gave us the 3D for FREE!!! i didnt even ask! i didnt even KNOW they had 3D here!! (and i was going to drive 4 hrs for this crap!!)

also.. i have a tad bit of a surprise!! to continue after these photos!!! the heartbeat was 164 today! and baby was nice and still, then all of a sudden completely flipped upside down, and while she was getting measurements the baby looked like she/he was a jumping bean,, or as if the poor thing had bad case of hiccups LOL
I forgot to mention!! the baby was measuring 12w 4d.. which is 3 days off my duedate! so not bad!! im glad its not no 5 or 6 weeks off like they were with my son!

on to the photos!

soo........... did you notice anything in the 2Ds that was a little .. well uhm.. nubish!!?!?!!
here let me zoom in for ya....

i drew the first line over the nub.. according to the angle of the dangle.. this baby would be...... a GIRL!

but i didnt ask.. i didnt even notice until like the 10th time that i viewed these ultrasounds! i saw it and was like holy crap! now of course this theory isnt the most accurate.. and im not going to confirm it so baby will still be a surprise in the end.. but this totally makes me feel even 100% more pos this baby is a girl LOL

OH and my MIL.. she sat there and stared the whole time and was in awesssssss with the baby! she seemed really happy!!! so i hope it worked!! my DH was able to come in.. even though my kid ran all over the place.. there was a bathroom in there, and he just cleaned the floors (hahha, hes my little maid) while DH could take peaks at the baby! but he doesnt know what the heck is what end so.. hes useless LOL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2nd OB App!

So I had my second OB app yesterday, I had switched OB's because the last one blew off that I had a growth. So i Switched!

i LOVE the new OB, he is very concerning and seems to care. Plus, my pap exam, hardly felt it, that's always a good sign LOL!

We tried to find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, but we couldn't find it. He says it could still be a little early, plus because im heavier set could be why as well.
I had to schedule for an ultrasound with the on facility u/s tech, my office has one, but the in facility one is way more high tech.
he wants measurements of the growth, find out exactly WHAT it is, and we will keep an eye on it to see if it grows.
my OB didn't want to wait until the 20 week scan, so he wanted this one ASAP! also to check in on the baby since we didn't get a heartbeat!

i hope all is okayw ith my little Melon, and that i can have a picture to take home!

Monday, May 10, 2010

So, For My Mother's Day!

My mom calls me in the morning, about 11:30am my time.. calls to tell me Happy Mother's day and to let me know she got my gift. It was a Digital Frame of Hunter from 0-2 years old, said she loved it!

she told me she is going to go out to Brunch with my 3 younger sisters, and then probably have dinner at my grandmother's who is just down the street from her. Mind you, im 2,500 miles away, this is my first time being SO far away from my family. Well i went into tears thinking that I don't get to be there. Yeah I was a little sad.

but then, I had to cut it short because I then got a little message that said " Happy Mother's Day!" Love, Puke. Yes, what a wonderful way to start out my Mother's Day.. a visit to the bathroom where I was hardly going to come out alive.

I continued to feel nausea the rest of the day, Hubby had to go to work at 3pm.. but, he and his mother made breakfast!
My hubby rarely makes breakfast, hes not a morning person.. so this was nice!
Called my grandmother to tell her Happy Mother's Day, and of course the sound of my sweet grandmother's accent only reminds me more that I am so far away and miss my family depply.
I got a call from my uncle, who is Oklahoma.. I just didn't happen to tell him, yet, that I was pregnant.. so along with getting wishes for a Happy Mother's Day, I as well got wishes for a new baby!
well, that is just about the end of my Mother's Day!

OH! Hubby did rent a movie, something about Imagination, it was Health Ledger's last movie, the one he actually died in the middle of making it. it was pretty interesting to say the least!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mama's Turkey Due Nov 25th, 2010!

New baby is due Nov 25th, 2010! My little Turkey Baby!!! I have nicknamed the baby Melon, with the hopes this is a girl! (you know, the old wives tale saying girls carrying like watermelons, boys like basketballs)
here is a photo of my little Melon!

at 8 weeks.

First Post on Redone Blog!

Ugh, it has been SO long since I've blogged, well - had the time to! Over the last year my life has been so crazy busy! Firstly, Marriage!! I got married on 7.08.09 to my wonderful hubby Duc. We moved across the country, from Arizona to UP of Michigan - and I am already ready to go "home" lol and here is why! We are expecting #2!!!!! I am so far from my family, it's not like they can just pick up and leave when I have 3 younger sisters. They were in my 2 year old son's life everyday until the day we left for MI. So it's hard for them, as well as me, to grasp them not being around the second baby. BUT! Good News - we will be moving back to Arizona or atleast somewhere in a days worth of driving distance. We just haven't decided where to yet.